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I have seen the consequenses
I am calling on all adults to stop taking advantage of our precious children.
Children look to us for protection, guidance, safety and a place where they are loved.
I know that hurting people hurt people, so if you were abused as a child and have thoughts of doing the same to another child please, take a stand and do what is right by stopping the cycle of abuse, you will feel good that you have risen above all those before you and will allow that child a life free of the torment, nightmares and emotional damage.
You can be the one strong enough to say NO! I will not pass on that legacy of abuse and control. You can begin a new line of healing and life.
Everything we do to a child has lifelong consequences for them. Those actions done to them affect every thought, action and choice they have and do for the rest of their lives.
Lets give them lifelong experiences that build them up, give them strength and self esteem.
A child should be able to be a child, without fear of harm from those whom they look to for safety and love.


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